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Fall is a Time for Renewal

As I sit at my desk today, I notice the beautiful fall colors happening all around. The trees are full of color, and I am amazed at this cycle of going inward to rest for the winter.

Working in a health insurance office, I am keenly aware that autumn is a good time to take a look at your individual health insurance.

Health insurance companies make changes as they prepare for the upcoming year. January 1 is the date on which most companies have their annual premium increases, so it is wise to take a look at your health insurance plan during November and evaluate.

Be proactive! Find out what your N.C. Health Insurance premium will be this upcoming year and review your benefits. Your health insurance agent can help you with this. Some good questions to ask are:

Can I afford the new price increase?

Is my existing plan still cost effective and meeting my insurance needs?

Am I satisfied with the results of this past year (out-of-pocket expenses vs. premium)?

Do I want to raise my premium to lower my out-of -pocket expenses?

Do I want to lower my premium and pay out-of pocket until I meet my deductible?

Do I need to add maternity coverage?

Fall can serve as a reminder to you of the health insurance renewal period for all insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. During this renewal period, individuals can make changes to their plan that will be effective on January 1st. You can also add maternity coverage to your existing Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

Each fall, contact your health insurance agent and re-evaluate.

For questions about your individual insurance plan, please call 336-265-2578 or visit our website at for a free rate quote.


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